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Lisa Prickett, LCSW

Lisa Prickett, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Lisa Prickett is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of VA. She was inspired to become a psychotherapist as part of her own personal developmental journey. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW) from Catholic University (1998) with a concentration in adult mental health and a certificate in Couple’s Therapy from the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (ICP&P). Lisa has been a psychiatric social worker for over 20 years. She has vast experience in different settings such as The Psychiatric Institute of Washington (PIW), The Reginald Lourie Center for Infants & Young Children, Jewish Social Services Agency (JSSA) and in private practice.

Therapeutic Approach

Lisa works with individuals and couples to understand how their minds, emotions and life experiences have shaped their view of themselves, others, and the external world. So, she works with each person to identify unique relational patterns. The patterns that exist in their lives and help them find a path toward healing. Lisa is an open-minded, non-judgmental, collaborative therapist. She believes in meeting people where they are and finding the strengths each person holds.

With couples, Lisa teaches partners how to create safety for one another and relate with empathy and understanding rather than with judgment. Keenly aware of the courage that each couple brings to therapy. She helps them define and address their unique goals. In couple’s therapy, Lisa’s approach is to focus on connection and empathy. Couples explore their individual family histories. Moreover, the impact their history has on their current relationships. She teaches couples new and more effective ways to communicate and connect with one another. Each partner is encouraged to define the changes they want to make in order to enhance and improve their relationship.

Lisa works with concerns that often create life stress

With individual clients, Lisa works with concerns that often create life stress. These include issues of relationships and sexuality, career, and the negotiation of life transitions. So, when clients are experiencing anxiety or depression. So, Lisa helps them explore their past in order to transform old thoughts and feelings. Thease facts interfere with the present to facilitate positive behavior changes and a different outlook on life. Most importantly, she specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a psychodynamic background. She also works with clients with the following issues: depression, anxiety, bipolar and mood disorders, relationship conflicts, life transitions, work-life balance, career issues, and chemical dependency.

Lisa lives in VA with her two teenage sons, her husband and 3 dogs. Moreover, she has been married for 25 years. In addition, in her free time she enjoys music, travel, sailing and outdoor adventure.

Professional Affiliations:

•National Association for Social Workers

•Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Workers

•Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy &Psychoanalysis