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Tracey Vazquez, MS

Choosing a therapist can be an exciting process, but it can also be a daunting task. I’m happy you have made your way to my profile and I’m grateful for the time you’re taking to read a little bit about me and the journey I hope to explore with you.

Falls Church psychotherapist relationships

I believe that we are all capable of becoming a happier and healthier version of ourselves within a world that is often riddled with unexpected challenges, loss, and inner turmoil. There is beauty and joy all around you and within you that is waiting to be discovered and embraced. I am often inspired by the opportunity to walk alongside clients as old burdens are released and new ways of living and healthy coping are embraced. I consider it a privilege to be a part of this process and value each moment that I’m able to share with my clients. The skills and characteristics that I offer as a therapist include authenticity coupled with kindness, motivational tactics, creative problem-solving, advanced communication maneuvering, and the identification and adaptation of behavioral and cognitive patterns that either promote or stunt growth. I use a blend of cognitive-behavioral, narrative, and structural therapy and tailor my approach to meet the needs of each client.

Tracey got a M.S. in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling with a Specialization in Crisis and Trauma Counseling from Walden University as is working towards her VA License under the supervision of Isabel B. Kirk, LPC

Counseling Goals

I believe that no matter what mental health issues, life transitions, or experiences you’ve had, counseling is all about the journey we take together. My goal is not to poke and prod in areas of your life you don’t wish to discuss, tell you how to live your life, nor is it to judge you. My goal is to help you find meaning and significance from your experiences in a way that will enrich your current lifestyle and empower you to accomplish things you’ve always dreamed of mastering. Whether it’s being able to sit through a family dinner without arguments and tears or whether it is taking your career to the next level and balancing all of the tasks that are required to emerge successful, I am fully present, supportive, and enthralled in your therapeutic process from start to finish.

Elect for Short-Term or Long-Term Therapy

Therapy is optional and should be an inspiring journey rather than an obligation. You decide how frequently you want sessions, what session length will benefit you most, and how long you would like to explore your inner world through the therapeutic process. Whether you opt for a short-term, solution-focused approach or a long-term, exploratory journey, my job is to make the most of the time you wish to share with me in the counseling room and to prepare you for success after you no longer require or elect to have my services. I will act as a guide and can make professional recommendations about the frequency and duration of your sessions, but I want you to be in control of the process. When you begin to make changes and feel happier from the progress you’re making, I want you to be able to look in the mirror and say, “I did this for me” and take pride in your accomplishments. Whether you elect for 8 sessions or 16+ sessions, you are successfully devoting your valuable time to selfcare that will produce lifelong benefits.

My Personal Journey

I am a mother of two beautiful children who have taught me how to find peace amidst chaos! I enjoy an active lifestyle and devote a lot of time to fitness, outdoor recreation, and social events that give me the opportunity to meet amazing and inspiring individuals. I also like to balance my active lifestyle with meditation/spirituality, mindfulness, and artistic endeavors such as photography and commercial art. I have personally survived loss, physical ailments that were life-threatening, trauma, separation/divorce, abusive relationships, and setbacks. These experiences do not make me a better/worse therapist, but I have chosen to channel those experiences in a way that gives me advanced empathy and compassion for others’ struggles.

Stance of Nondiscrimination and Populations Served

I have nurtured a thirst and passion for seeing the world through the eyes of others since childhood. I appreciate and enjoy the things that may differ between my clients’ experiences and my own personal experiences. When others share their cultural, social, and spiritual experiences with me, I am honored to humble myself as a student of everything that makes you unique. Although each being is special in their own way, we are all human and can find ways to relate through our humanity. I am LGBTQIA friendly to both couples and individuals, accepting of all religious and spiritual beliefs to include non-religious worldviews, and do not discriminate against race, disability, ethnic background, or age. My approach is more tailored towards an adult’s mind or an emerging adult and is only suitable for ages 16 and up. Although I have nothing against children, I do not currently possess the training and experience necessary to work with people ages 15 and under. I work with groups, individuals, and couples. Couples can include parent/child (if older than 15), adult siblings, coworkers, etc.

Areas of interest:

Trauma and crisis, anxiety, phobias, entrepreneurs in the making, motivational and organizational needs, the mental health side of fitness and body image, life transitions, exploration of career and education, job loss/career shifts, separation/divorce, relationship struggles, infidelity, premarital preparation, adoption, infertility, women’s issues, history of physical or sexual abuse, unhappiness and depression, sexuality, communication strengthening, coping with a mental health or physical diagnosis, strengthening boundaries within relationships, improving self-esteem, and living a balanced lifestyle overall.