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Welcome to Counseling Psychotherapy, LLC!

Congratulations on taking your first step toward improving your life! Counseling psychotherapy is the professional help that thankfully is becoming more common for all of us. The help provided is at different levels depending on the client’s needs and own personal development.

  • Are you facing a crisis or difficult time?
  • Do you want to make some changes but can’t or don’t know how?
  • Tired of being in pain or just not satisfied enough with your life?
  • Are your relationships not going the way you would like them to?
  • Do you feel lonely or disappointed by people around you most of the time?
  • Are you constantly overwhelmed by your feelings, thoughts, or actions?
  • Would you like to feel less stress and more self-confidence?
  • Do you have trouble enjoying life and having fun because of constant worry or are you sad or down more than days than not?
  • Are you lost of confused because of the changes or losses in your life?
  • Are you dealing with new roles such as becoming a parent, a student, a husband or wife, a widow, a new single….?
  • Do you struggle with diets and not liking your body no matter what you do?
  • Have you tried therapy in the past but talk therapy isn’t getting you the results or change you are looking for?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

DC VA Counseling Psychotherapy offers counseling and psychotherapy services for these and many other concerns.

I am a mental health counselor psychologist offering face-to-face services in the Northern Virginia and District of Columbia areas as well as online counseling services. I work with people from different ages and backgrounds providing help with the following:

One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy is that seeing a therapist is a sign of weakness. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Recognizing the need for help and seeking professional therapy is a sign of both strength and your determination to live a productive and meaningful life. Remember you don’t have to wait for a crisis to make your life better!

Please explore my website to get a better feeling of me and my practice. Visit the specialty areas section for specific information of ways I can help you. I look forward to working with you.

personal growth


…because growth is in your hands!



 Mrs. Isabel B. Kirk, MA, LPC



 Isabel Kirk is listed at AllTherapist.com